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Indian nationals traveling abroad require a valid Indian passport and travel authority for the destination country. The travel authority is normally in the form of Visa, which is obtained prior to the journey, except in case of countries where "Visa on Arrival" is available.

Indian nationals traveling abroad may also note that some countries insist on certain minimum period of passport validity for allowing entry.

delhi airport info

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Foreign Nationals coming to India are required to possess a genuine and valid national passport or any other internationally recognized travel document establishing his/her nationality and identity, bearing the photograph of the individual.


Nepal and Bhutan nationals if entering India by land or air from the Nepal or Bhutan border respectively do not require a passport for entering into India. However, they are required to possess, authorized identity proof.

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The fees for getting Indian Visa vary from country to country. Please check with the Indian Embassy in the respective country for the applicable fee.
Foreigners are advised to ensure that they are in possession of a valid Indian Visa before they begin their journey to India. The Government of India currently allows "E Visa " for foreign nationals of the selected countries
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Powers of VISA conversions and extensions to foreigners residing in India, vests with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Foreigners can approach the ministry at Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreigners Division), Jaisalmer House, 26, Man Singh Road, New Delhi between 10 AM to 12 Noon on all working days (Monday to Friday).
delhi airport info Customs is an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting and safeguarding customs duties and for controlling the flow of goods including animals, personal effects and hazardous items in and out of a country.
The baggage clearance at the major International Airports in India consists of two channels for clearance.
Green channel: not having any dutiable goods to declare. Red channel: having dutiable goods to declare.
Remember: Non declaration & wrongful declaration of the dutiable goods may attract confiscation of goods, fine or penalty. Serious offences like attempting to smuggle Gold, without declaration may lead to arrest & prosecution. The Indian Revenue Department has specified a list of items, including the size that can now be imported duty-free as part of baggage.
Immigration check is mandatory for all passengers, Indians or foreigners, both at the time of arrival and departure to and from a foreign destination.
delhi airport info

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e-Tourist Visa Facility is available for holders of passport of certain countries/territories, please visit below link for further details
Please check the information concerning the carriage/prohibited items on board.
1. List of Prohibited Items
2. Dangerous Goods Regulations
3. Passengers prior to their departure are requested to go through the list of items prohibited to be carried onboard from the website of Bureau of Civil Aviation Security of India at

For further clarification regarding carrying any item onboard, whether in hand bags or checked in bags, passengers are requested to further check with their airline for any restrictions so that that the travel is hassle free.
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As per the current DGR requirements power bank is not permissible to be carried in Check In baggage.
The BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) have come out with an advisory declaring locally made Power bank as prohibited item not permissible for carriage on person, hand baggage and Check-In baggage, and air cargo consignment. Therefore air passengers are advised not to carry with them such locally made power bank during the journey.